The barometer never lies…

The peace and tranquillity of the Andalucian hills was quite disturbed over the weekend. After a couple of wonderfully sunny days on Wednesday and Thursday the barometer took a tumble to itself and showed the pressure dropping fast, really fast.

No I thought, it must be a mistake we have just escaped the greyish days of February and had leapt full on into a sunny and warm March. The pastel pinks and purples of the almond blossom was dotting the hillsides, the days were longer and the birds were loud and excited – and I was feeling pretty relaxed.

But the barometer never lies…

Friday morning was cooler and overcast and then bang! The wind got up the skies went black, the clouds moved at speed and suddenly we were in the middle of thunder and lightening, gale like winds and…hailstones, seriously – hailstones!

Now we are back to normal with sunny skies, yoga by the pool, lunch in the sun, ducks quacking, painters painting and the barometer says…fair and dry…and as it never lies we can relax back to lazy, peaceful, tranquil Andalucian days.

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