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Background to the course

The highly successful Masterclass programme was first pioneered by Charles in Italy at the British Institute in Florence and then alongside the World Tour Exhibitions and also with Masterclasses in six art schools and lectures in eight, as part of a large Education Programme alongside Charles' 100 painting show in Pescara.  

Inspiration in Andalusia Spain

The programme was repeated in the USA and was a regular occurrence in Scotland, with mixed classes of all ages, where his students won prizes from 14 years of age, to practising professional artists and admission to universities in Britain, USA and Italy.   Now Charles is bringing the delights of his teaching to Andalusia, Spain.

Beach at Lake Iznajar, Art and Activity Holidays, Andalucia Spain
  • how great classical art was made and how to make it.
  • how to see and create life and 3D
  • how space, tone and temperature are all linked in the pursuit of excellence


  • Four mornings of practical classical art drawing lessons including the use and understanding of 3D Form, 3D Space, 3D Tone, and 3D Temperature Colour.
  • One evening of slide lecture showing the best Classical Traditional Art from The National Gallery in London - followed by a question and answer session reviewing all content from the week following the fourth lesson.
  • An organised visit to the Alhambra Palace to see the wonders of human development before the Italian Renaissance.
  • First practical use of new skills with landscape picture of the beautiful Andalusian surroundings and also sampling a taste of the second level ‘The ‘New Traditional Art™ -  Certificate Course.’​
  • Transfers from Granada and Malaga airports and all transport throughout the week.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as dinner drinks, teas and coffee throughout the day. Dinners are cooked by local chefs using locally grown produce and served in the ambient comfort either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting.
  • One evening of traditional Flamenco dancing with dancers from the local dancing school. 

Leading Business Coach, Dr. Richard Norris, of Action International, has regularly maintained, “Anybody employing Charles must see his services as the ultimate investment for the future.”

Mr Padraig Flynn, European Commissioner, said of Charles’ paintings –“Looking at this work, I have never learned so much about painting in such a short period of time.”  

“Charles’ classes are always practical, messy, really exciting and always enlightening. Charles is an exceptionally talented artist, teacher and critic.” -  former student Susan, Oxford

Martin Herbert, who, with his wife, attended one of Charles’ Masterclass Seminars on Italian Renaissance Painting at the ‘Viva Italia’ Exhibition held in Earls Court London, said – “We were impressed with the presentations held on the main stage, particularly Charles Harris – the art lecturer – who incorporated his passionate views into an extremely informative and entertaining lecture – we have never seen anything like it – more please!”

“I first received tutorship from Charles in the craft of Fine Art whilst at college studying engineering. I found his lessons in both style and content inspiring. His consistent and practical approach when applied to the basics of painting instilled a core understanding of perspective, tone and temperature values which represent ʻthe beating heart of painting’,whilst engendering passion for the deeper purpose of art in the world today. His obvious personal commitment to these values is undeniable, and in leading by example he inspired respect. After spending ten years in business I decided to change direction and to study Sculpture full-time and have been working and making a living from my art for the last ten years. I believe that in no small part this decision and subsequent rich and fulfilling life was rooted in Charlesʼ early and profoundly effecting tutorship.”-David Klein – sculptor

“Charles Harris is a grandmaster craftsman and his Painting is grandmaster creativity on a par with the assembly of ground-breaking scientific matter in Science or Physics”

Victoria Harding, MA. International Exhibitions Co-ordinator.