Charles Harris explains…

Charles Harris describes how he teaches and how to describe and understand what we each see

"I do not make decoration and the art of instant gratification, instead my art takes time. And I teach how to describe and understand what we each see. As I believe, it is through intense observation with the work of making a drawing or a painting, that we understand the world and paint it for others to see

"For it is within that great tradition of classical art, which allows us all to marvellously see the world through somebody else’s eyes, and bridge that gulf of unspoken thought between people, which exist for us always as human beings.

"This is what we all visually recognise, as quality in art always was, and still is instantly recognisable as art for all with sight, not requiring any words whatsoever, and which I passionately believe we must insist upon again."

Painting and Drawing Retreats in ANdalucian, Spain

Join Charles in his new week long intense art retreats in Andalucia, Spain and learn the tradition of the Great artists

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